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Split Level Kitchen Remodel: What will it cost with the right contractor?

How to Go About a Split Level Kitchen Remodel

Improving the kitchen in your split level house will require making the space to appear contemporary. A split level house often has bedrooms that are built on a raised basement space and has a living room and kitchen right at the lower level. A few steps up the stairs will lead to the bedroom from the living room or to a foyer. These houses were built during the sixties and are very popular among families who are looking to separate their living room and sleeping rooms without having to spend for a very costly two story house.

If you are thinking of getting a split level kitchen remodel project done, then make sure that you hire the best contractor for the job. Although hiring a professional contractor is highly recommended for this kind of job, learning the steps on how to go about remodeling your split level kitchen is a good idea.

Space and Light

The best way to remodel your kitchen is to give it enough space and light. Redo the darker areas in your kitchen, which is typical for older split level kitchens. Repaint the upper walls with a lighter shade of color and install lighter cabinets as well. You can also add a large window on top of a sink in an exterior wall. Add a double set of French doors that will lead towards a deck from the kitchen or you can also choose to install sliding glass doors.

When planning the remodeling project, take into consideration the ease of moving from one place to another in your kitchen, such as where the stove is, in conjunction with your prep counter. Of course, think of how easy or difficult it is to get something from the fridge to the kitchen counter and to the cabinets. Even if your kitchen is small, make sure that you have enough space to move around so you will feel comfortable working in your kitchen.

New Colors and Touches

It is also a good idea to remodel your kitchen cabinets with new colors and touches. Make use of shorter cabinets on top and allow more space on the backsplash area, especially if your split level kitchen is just too small. After that, install cabinets that have some glass fronts to achieve a lighter look. This is truly beneficial for those with small spaces on their kitchen.

You can also purchase new maple cabinets for the upper kitchen storage and add base cabinets made of cherry. Mix the two shades of wooden finishes by alternating the placement of the cabinets. You can add one or more cherry cabinet right on the upper walls of your kitchen, or perhaps one or more maple cabinet sections right on the base cabinet section of your kitchen.

Add Countertops

Of course, your kitchen will not be complete if it does not have countertops on it. Thus, after installing lights and cabinets and after repainting the wall, the next thing that needs to be done is to add countertops on the kitchen. Make sure however, that the countertop is something that blends with the overall color of your kitchen. You can add countertop materials that look high-end, but make sure that you make the cabinets to be the real focus of your kitchen. When designing the kitchen, make sure that the walls seamlessly fit in the overall style of your living room especially if your kitchen is in direct view of the living area. Make sure that the countertop will not stand out or else, the kitchen will look choppy.

Upgrade the Appliances

The next thing that you must do when remodeling your split level kitchen is to upgrade your kitchen appliances. Replace your old appliances with new ones that work well with the overall color of your living room. Purchase a black leather sofa to be installed on your living room and add several black tables as well.

Install a gas stove made of stainless steel but remember not to overdo the stainless steel look since it might make your kitchen look utilitarian from the view of your living space. When remodeling the kitchen, keep in mind that you are free to use a stainless range of appliances along with white refrigerator as well as white dishwasher that comes with stainless trim.

High Quality Tile Work

Another great way to remodel your kitchen is to install high quality tile work on the flooring as well as on the walls. You can choose tiles that have dark brown and gold shades for the backsplash area. You can also choose to install brown and gold tiles that are larger right at the entrance foyer of your home, especially if the entrance is near the kitchen and the living room.

It is certainly a good idea to use matching color of tiles on the backsplash and entrance foyer. Aside from the kitchen, you also need to remodel the foyer and living room of your split type house. But remember not to add so much color on your living room, foyer or kitchen as it will make your interiors look atrocious. Treat your living room, kitchen and foyer as a giant space that should flow altogether.

Perfect Placement of Items

It is important that you work out the best sites for all the accessories and appliances that you want for your split level kitchen remodel project. So spare some time in taking a stock of how you are currently working in your kitchen area and critique the flow. Base on the experience you have in cooking in your kitchen, jot down notes of whatever it is that you do not like. This can certainly help you with designing your new kitchen. Here are some of the important things that you have to think of for your split level kitchen.

  • Kitchen floor
  • Storage facilities
  • Lighting
  • Placement of appliances
  • Cleanliness

Cut the Kitchen Clutter

Usually, the split level kitchen is small and as such, it is quickly filled up with clutter especially if you will not eliminate unnecessary bits in a regular basis. A kitchen that is not cluttered will not only make your home look even more beautiful but it makes your kitchen easy to clean up as well. You can make your kitchen clutter free by always keeping the counter tops clear and ensuring that you do a quick clean up right after you use your kitchen. A clutter free kitchen also helps to make your small kitchen to appear spacious.

Choosing the Right Appliances

When it comes to choosing the kitchen appliances, make sure that you take time to shop around since the prices could vary from one store to another. Of course, the price of the appliances will depend on the brand, make and model. Take all of the time that you need in finding the appliances that are suitable to your split level kitchen.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you might be tempted in adding things that you really don’t need for your kitchen when shopping so discipline yourself and make sure that you wait until your renovation is completed before you go on to add the little kitchen accessories.

Know your Budget

One of the most important rules when it comes to the bi level kitchen remodel project is to make sure that you know how much your budget is. This helps to determine what choices are best for you. When it comes to planning your budget, make sure that you consider a lot of things. First is the appliances that you need to install, the cabinets, the tiles for the wall and flooring, and of course the amount that you need to pay for the contractor.

Do not forget to spare a little extra amount of money for the remodeling project. This can be helpful just in case something unexpected comes up while the renovation project is going on. Also, you may want to ask for quotes from various contractors to ensure that you are comfortable with the total cost that you will pay for the project. At the end of this article, you will find out how you can get free quotes from various contractors for your kitchen remodeling project.

Hire a Professional

Remodeling your bi level kitchen is not easy. It might sound like it’s just one of those do it yourself home improvement projects that you are familiar of, but when you start working on it, you will realize that the process is not easy.

What’s worse, the result may not turn out to be as appealing so you might have to regret what you have done on your kitchen. There are certain important steps that must be followed whether you are doing a bi level or tri level kitchen remodel project in your home. Of course, you first need to decide what design you want. Then you need to choose the most appropriate appliances, furniture and fixtures for your kitchen. The planning and execution is definitely not easy. It is for this reason why most homeowners will choose to hire professional contractors to take care of the remodeling project.

The remodeling project of your split level home will require using lots of tools and supplies, such as drills, wrenches and hammers. You may also need safety and hardware equipment. Thus, if you are not equipped with any of these, hiring a professional is highly recommended.

You also need to remember that there will be a lot of debris and old appliances that you may need to discard after the project is completed. If you hire a professional, they will make sure that all debris and other things that need to be discarded will be taken care of. Indeed, hiring a professional contractor is truly convenient.

Use Our Site to Get Free Quotes

Asking for free quotes from various contractors for the split level home kitchen remodel might take up a lot of time. But we are here to help you with that. If you check our website, you will find a form that you need to fill out with your name, zip code, email address, services that you need and other information. When you submit the form, we will send this request to various contractors in your area. After this, they will send in the quotes to you. As soon as you have all the quotes that you have requested from us, you need to compare them and make the final decision.

You need to make sure that you choose a company that will provide you with the best quality of service that you need at a price that you can afford. Also, it is better to avoid the lowest bidder even if you are trying to save some money. The lowest bidder might take shortcuts with the split level kitchen remodel project which will compromise the overall quality.

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