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Split Level Exterior Remodel: What will it cost with the right contractor?

Ideas for your Split Level Exterior Remodel Project

Split level houses were among the first houses that were built in the United States, particularly in Chicago during the 1930s. These houses were designed in a way that it designated separate sleeping areas as well as separate living areas. The split level homes have become so popular in the 1950s and have remained very popular all over the United States for several decades now.

These days, more and more homeowners have gotten very interested on the idea of a split level exterior remodel project. In fact, some of them have tried to learn the ways behind this process of remodeling their home while modernizing their home interiors. Doing it yourself is indeed a great way to save money. However, hiring a professional contractor is still the best option. If you leave it up to a professional, you can be guaranteed of excellent results and the job can be done in only a short period of time. But do you already have an idea in mind on the split level exterior design that you want? Read on for some ideas about split level exterior home designs.

Split Level House Ideas

The split level homes have been built during the 1950s and features unusual designs, different from the traditional houses that we all are familiar of. Split level houses are still a popular choice up until today. A lot of homeowners are in fact, considering this style when it comes to remodeling their homes.

Among the split level house ideas are exterior landscapes, facades, entryways as well as window treatments. There are in fact, some neighborhoods in the country that have matching split level homes along with some few variations although even a few changes can certainly make the house to stand out.


Split level houses are equipped with two floors, and the bottom floor is partially underground while the upper half of it is exposing. The older types of split level homes often come with dual siding where the upper floor usually features a painted aluminum siding or lower block or brick.

Homeowners can also choose to update the look of their home by replacing the older aluminum siding with the new vinyl components. The vinyl siding on split level homes is available in different colors and grains. The wooden siding is a preferred siding option, however, it will require more maintenance and is more expensive as compared to vinyl siding. Having new exterior light fixtures in your home can certainly help to give the home the curb appeal that every homeowner is looking for.


Updating and installing additional windows into your home is also one of the best ideas when it comes to updating your split level home‘s exteriors. This is done in order to provide more natural light into your home which opens up to the interiors.

Most of the split level houses are built with a minimum number of windows in order to cut down on costs and keep the price of the entry level houses low. Installing larger windows can help to give your home an even larger appearance and also helps to cut down on your electricity consumption, especially on heating and cooling costs.

Installing vinyl shutters is also great for split level homes. These shutters are available in different colors and sizes and will truly give your home that beautiful and distinctive appeal. The window shutters can also help to make the small and lower level window to appear even bigger. Flower boxes are also a great addition to the windows, which gives your home a colorful three dimensional look.


The split foyer is also a common design among split level houses, where the front door opens to a landing that has stairs which leads to the top as well as the bottom floors. Although this kind of entrance requires using a good amount of space, the landing area provides a limited opportunity to give a good first impression of the home.

Adding some few simple design tricks can help to make this space to serve a double duty purpose as being a staircase landing and an inviting entrance foyer. Taking off a coat closet from the foyer will open the space up for greeting guests. Installing new tiles can also help to give the foyer a modern appeal while providing an area for guests to take off their soiled shoes.

You can also place a small table where you can place keys or perhaps, a small bench which allows guests to sit while they remove their footwear before getting inside your home. Adding a large window right above the foyer door can help to brighten the foyer and give it a much larger appearance.


Landscaping your home is also a great way to remodel your split level home. But unlike other split level siding ideas, special considerations must be taken when it comes to landscaping your split level home such that the features will not be able to obstruct the views off the windows on the lower level of your home.

In various split level homes, the lower level windows might only be only a few inches off the ground. You can also choose to place short annual flowers right around the windows of your home. Unlike the perennials, the annual flowers are unlikely to grow in an obtrusive height on their short lifespans.

Taller plants and shrubs can also be used for the landscape, but they must be placed in a way that they will frame the windows. If your split level home is on a slope, you can choose to plant a short shrub at the top of the slope. You can also plant much taller shrubs right at the bottom in order to achieve balance. Plant mature shrubs or add trellis right around the picture windows in the mid-level in order to help the window to appear closer to the ground level.

Process of Remodeling a Split Level Exterior

Updating the look of the front facade of a split level home can certainly define its look in several ways. The usual 2-level roofline that is popular during the sixties and seventies can become a contemporary house if you apply some split level exterior facelift ideas to it. A typical split level home comes with bedrooms right at the upper level and the kitchen areas and the living room is right at the lower level of the house. From the interior perspective, this will work well since it provides privacy to the sleeping areas of your home. However, the actual living space is often limited for a split level home.

The square footage can be enlarged in varying ways and by doing this, the curbside appeal of your home will be improved and the roominess of your home will be enlarged as well which allows for more family activities to be enjoyed.

Hiring professional contractors for the split level exterior remodel project of your home is definitely a great idea. Just in case you are wondering how they go about the process, refer below for these steps.

First of all, they will sketch ideas for the remodeling plan which includes planning a curbside addition for your home. They may need to create an enclosed porch or install a small room right next to an existing entry. Professional contractors will sketch the addition in a way that it will make your home to look harmonious along with other rooflines. They will draw the ideas of the house makeover in detail right before you start working. Oftentimes, colored pencils are used in order to achieve proper color schemes.

The next thing that they will do is to add roofing to your house using textured shingles that have a high-end look in order to replace the usual asphalt shingles that are often used on split level homes. You will be asked to choose the color of the new asphalt shingles as well as the entire color scheme of your home. Using a roofing color that will work well with the new house siding color as well as the shutter is also recommended.

Installing a copper metal roof or a cedar shake roof right on the front addition entry is the next thing that the professional contractor will do. After that, they will replace all the gutters and downspouts, and if possible, they will match the roofing materials used for your split level home.

The contractors will then build a deck right on the outside bedroom spaces at the upper level of your split level home. They may need to install French doors that will lead to a desk space in order to expand the living space outdoors. A deck roof with simple lattice work might also be added for shading. This area can be used in all three seasons, from relaxing to entertaining guests and reading.

Repainting the home is also a great split level facelift idea. Professional contractors will give you the freedom to choose the color schemes that you want. A good idea is to choose pale taupe right on the siding and then install dark grey shutters on the window.

Creating new landscape is the final step that the contractors will do when it comes to updating the exteriors of your split level home. They will make sure to install a well-designed landscaping off the curb side of your house as well as some new light posts and solar lights in the walkway. They will remove overgrown and old bushes and plants that can make the house to look even more beautiful.

A patio will also be added outside the living room which is located on the lower level of the house that faces the backyard. A screened in porch will then be built on the patio and this can serve as entertainment space for guests and the entire family as well.

Tips and Warnings

It is a good idea to have the contractors to create a foundation of the additional level of your home in order to blend with the foundation of the rest of your house. Using brick or stone, for instance, which matches the home foundation, is also a great idea for your split level home. Planning a short retaining wall at the curbside in brick or stone or other identical materials on the front addition is also a great idea.

Now that you are very much familiar with the split level exterior remodel project, the next thing that you need to know is on how to find a reliable contractor to hire for this project. Our website is here to help you with this task. With our website, you will be able to request for free quotes from different contractors in your area for the remodeling project of your split level home. All you will do is to provide us your name, email address, zip code and other information.

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